Domaine Robert AMPEAU

Meursault – Côte d’Or

Robert Ampeau’s wines is a long family history for 5 generations.

Located in Meursault, in the heart of the great Cote de Beaune, Ampeau keeps tradition going on with art. Domaine spreads over 10 hectares for an average annual production of 50 000 bottles. 85% of the production is exported.

Robert Ampeau is known for only proposing wines when they are ready to drink. Therefore, you will never find for sales young wines. (current young vintages are 1999 and 2000)
Robert Ampeau produces both white and red wines. Average vines are around 40 years old.

Work in the fields is traditional, hand picking, sorting out, long ageing.

The whites have a great ageing potential, are well balanced, typical classic, and elegant Chardonnays.

The enchanting reds are smooth, full bodied, fine and floral. Texture after a few years in cellar becomes velvet, with some animal, leather, spice and red fruit notes. They don’t loose their character after ageing.