Domaine was set up in 1947 through the efforts of Polish immigrant Stanislaus Serafin who arrived from Poland at the end of 1930’s. After world war II, and having been a German War prisoner, he started working in the fields of an Italian winemaker. Then he gradually started buying land. In 1957 Christian, his son joined the estate and started building the current house and cellars. Today Domaine is considered as one of the top ones in Gevrey.
Today wines are made by Christian Serafin with his niece, Frederique also in charge of work in the fields. Karine Serafin, Christian’s daughter is managing the domaine.

Wines are traditionaly made :
traditional work in the fields with short cut, work on buds, green harvest, cutting of extra leaves, taking away verjus . Ploughing
Controlled treatments : respect of nature, no chemical treatments or fertilizes. Only organic fertilizes in small quantities and depending on soil are used.

Hand harvest with severe sorting out of grapes, in the flelds and on draining tables.
First press only if necessary, cold maceration, full desteeming, daily footings.
Long cuvaison between 15 to, 20 days.
Bottling by the estate without finining, without filtration.

Vineyards are amongst the best in Gevrey Chambertin, average 75 years old for Grands crus and 50 years old for other appellations. Total surface, slightly over 5.00 hectares.
Wines are highly renowned all other the world, and enjoy high ratings. They age very well keeping their elegance and fruits.