Meursault – Bourgogne

Origins of Domaine Coche Dury, located in Meursault go back in between the two world wars, around 20’s.

For a long time, wines were exclusively sold in bulk to the local negoce. That is only in 1964 that Georges Coche (Jean Francois’s father) started selling most of his production in bottles. Jean Francois Coche started working on increasing quality and world wide reputation spreaded from that time. Domaine was then recognized as one of the leading ones for the white wines in particular; Meursault Perrières 1er cru and of course Corton Charlemagne were already wines everybody wanted. Raphael, Jean Francois’s son joined the estate and is now since 2012 fully in charge of the domaine, in the continuity of his father. Hard work and modesty are probably the best words to describe the Coche family.

The land :
domaine spreads over 10.5 hectares of which 9 Hectares are located in Meursault.

Most land is between 30 and 40 years.
Production includes both white and red wines.
Work in the fields is traditional (taille guyot et cordon de Royat)
Full aging in barrels from first malo fermentation to final one.
Full desteeming. Average extraction

40% of the production is exported.

Quality of Coche Dury wines starts in the fields. The Coche family is one of these rare top growers, spending more time in the fields and cellars than selling their wines. It is always a great honour if you are welcome for a tasting in the cellar as the family is litterally linked to the fields.

For Raphael, like before his father, it is just impossible to produce a quality wine if the grower does not spend himself his time in the fields (that means most work in the field is not delegated to workers). Also vinification needs One hundred per cent attention. As a result, after hand working in the fields, no pesticides, traditional work and of course hand picking, crops gets severe sorting out, careful press and meticulous aging.

Today world wine recognized Coche Dury wines have always steady quality, straightforward style, full of finesse, lacy hazelnut flavours. Wines always express an incomparable deepness.
Aging is done in brand new oak barrels for 20 % for village wines and 50% for Grand Cru.

Investment does not stop at the estate. After having bought another piece of land in Corton Charlemagne, Raphael just built a brand new cuverie at domaine’s original place.

Production includes :
White wines :
Meursault rougeots
Puligny Montrachet 1er cru
Meursault 1er Cru Perrières
Corton Charlemagne (plot located in Aloxe Corton – the best plot)

Red wines :

Auxey Duresses
Volnay 1er cru